Well, I've had it with my cooling problems.

Step 1: I got the A/C delete/alternator relocation bracket, so I'm taking all the a/c stuff off including the condensor and moving the alternator out of the way of the valve covers.

Step 2: I drilled a 1/16" hole in my thermostat to let coolant pass all the time for the purpose of keeping the system bled.

Step 3: I installed a flex-a-lite 220 dual fan setup from Summit. Only 2.25" wide and 2500 CFM. http://store.summitracing.com/partd...?part=FLX%2D220

Step 4: I put in a Meziere HD electric water pump to replace the CSI I'm currently using. The CSI is rated at 37 GPM. The MEZ-WP118HD is rated at 55 GPM. No link online, but it goes for $230.

Step 5: 2 bottles of Redline Water Wetter and straight water. This will work great for the summer and drop temps over antifreeze.

So, 70% more waterflow, bigger radiator without the hot tranny fluid inside, no a/c condensor blocking airflow, and better bleeding did the trick. The fans give some extra room for the larger waterpump motor. The stock ones have to be at least 6" deep, including the motors...

Since the above mods, it's never gotten above the halfway mark on the stock gauge. Yea...