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These photos were taken 6-17-04. The SS hood is installed, but I'm waiting on paint for some other items. As you can see, I'm running Centerline Warriors with ET Streets on back and VW tires on skinnies up front. This saved me a ton of weight and helps hook. I'm running them all the time, but may decide to just use them at the track. They are a little harsh on the street.

The car is in the body shop now getting a make-over. It needs a little body work to be right (I messed up the rear fenders a little rolling the lips for the 315s...) There are also some little touches that are going to be done to blend it smoother. I may have the side moldings removed and the line frenched.

In the next shot, you can see how well detailed the RK Sport SS hood is. The underside is fully finished and appears to be an exact copy of the production version. It needs a touch of paint, as well. The fit and finish of the hood was excellent as delivered. No bad gaps and went in in an hour. I've got the '98+ SS spoiler and LED third brake light going on, as well.

The color will be Corvette Electron Blue with some simple silver pearl ghost flames. I saw another one like this in 'Vegas and it looked great.

The engine compartment has really come together. I removed the A/C using the Speed Specialty alternator relocation bracket and this moved the alternator out from the top of the engine down to where the A/C compressor used to be. Opened up a ton of room and now I can use any valve covers I want.

Removing the A/C condensor also allowed me to move the top of the radiator forward an inch and I replaced the stock fans with flex-a-lite 220s. They are only 2 1/2" deep and opend up a ton of room, as you can see in the pic. This allowed me to go with the Meziere HD electric water pump and increase my water flow 70% over the CSI that I had been using. Heating problems are solved! Yea...

Check out the earlier buildup page and the supercharger plumbing.

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