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My Z06 is the best car I've ever driven. It handles great, has incredible power, is light-weight and stops QUICK. It's a blast to drive.

I bought it in December 2004 with just 9K on the odometer. I drag race it every chance I get and the Z06 has had a great first season at Bandimere. The best time was 11.81 @ 119 @ 5800 feet with a 150 wet shot. The only other power mod to the car is the Haltech Stinger intake. I also run the new MT ET Drag Radials for bite. I've managed a 1.7 60.

UPDATE 1-8-06: I just added a line lock and a Raptor shift light for consistency. The clutch was also upgraded to the Spec 3 and I switched to '04 Z06 shocks for the better valving. While the tranny was out for the clutch R&R, I had the steel 3-4 shift fork was installed. My buddies at Dashworks did the install and noticed the bump stops were off and dialed in the shifter for me. That made a world of difference and it really shifts smooth now. I've also upped the shot to 150. I can't wait to get back to the track.

I think for this car, nitrous was the right answer, for now. With high compression and a solid valvetrain, this engine just begged to be left alone. I used all the safety stuff and I moved up gradually from a 75 shot to the current 150 shot. I love the way the car feels when the nitrous hits. When rebuild time comes, my options will open up and I may do a blower or turbo.